AWS 485-SC Setpoint


  • 3 Class Checkweighing, with Statistics
  • 3 Class Checkweighing with Statistical Feedback Control:
    • Yields True Process Control
    • Fastest and Most Accurate FILLING Method
    • Fastest and Most Accurate Portion Control
  • 3 Class Checkweighing with Preset Feedback Control
  • 3 Class Random Weight Checkweighing Using Rs-232/Rs-485 Input
  • 5 Class Checkweighing
  • Product Separation and Identification


  • Automatic Zero Tracking
  • Store 100 Parts; with Setpoints
  • High Speed Checkweighing to 80 Part per Minute
  • Full Digital Front Panel Calibration
  • Hign Visibility Back-Lit LCD Display
  • Two Line Of Informarion Displayed
    • Displays the Weight on the Weigh Cell
    • Displays the Status of the Part on the Weigh Cell
    • Displays System Information
    • Displays Stats Chart of the Part on the Weigh Cell
  • Positive "TARE" for the Unique AWS "Mass Balance"
  • Weighing Method
    Standard "TARE" for the Standard Method of Weighing
  • RS-232C or Rs-485 Serial Port Prints out
  • Full Statistical Report
    Analog, Digital, or Switched Feed-Back Loop
  • Reports if the Process is "IN" or "OUT" of Control
  • Unique Digital Filtering Technique will not Slow Down
  • the Digital Sampling
  • "CLASSIFY" by Front Panel Pushbutton, by Stability, or by External Trigger
  • Front Panel "ZERO", "PRINT", "CLASSIFY", "PRESET"
  • STATISTICS Include:
    • Total Part Count
    • Number Parts OVER the UPPER Reject Limit
    • Number Parts UNDER the LOWER Reject Limit
    • Minimum Part Weight
    • Maximum Part Weight
    • Range of Parts
    • Mean
    • Standard Deviation
    • Variance
    • UPPER and LOWER Control Limits
    • Histogram of All Parts
    • Process is IN/OUT of Control Condition
  • Remote Optically Isolated inputs:
    • Zero
    • Print
    • Classify
  • Optically Isolated Solid State Outputs:
    • Sorting Zones
    • Feed-Back
    • Part Index Pulse


Calibration: Single step via Keyboard; Display Prompted; All Parameters stored in non-volatile memory
Internal Resolution: 50,000 counts
External Resolution 1000,2000,3000,4000,5000,6000,8000,10000,15000, or 20000 counts
Increment: 1, 2, 5, and 10 digits (count by)
A/D Conversion Rate: 24 Samples/Second
Sensitivity: 1 mv/v, 1.3 mv/v, 1.5 mv/v, 2.0 mv/v, or 3.0 mv/v
Thermal Stability: < 0.004% °C, Zero and Span
Operating Temperature: 0°C. to 50°C.
Common Mode Rejection: 140db, 0-60 Hz.
Input: 1 to 8, 350 Ohm each; with remote sensing
Keyboard: 10 Function Keys and 10 Numeric Keys with Tactile Feedback
Display: 2 Lines with 16 Characters per Line, Backlit 0.4" Character Alpha-numeric Display
I/O Lines: 6 AC Lines OUT, 3 DC Lines IN
Communications: 1 RS-232C or 1 RS-484 Serial Network Port (1 to 32 Stations)
Enclosure: Painted, mild steel NEMA 12 (10" X 12") Wall Mount Enclosure
Power: 115 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 12 Watts
Shipping Weight: 11 Lbs/5 Kg


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