High‑Speed AIR SORT Check Weigher


Popular Air-Sort Configuration


• AWSI-202 ADVANCE Weigh-Cell
Full Scale Range of 300 grams
Accuracy of ±0.025 gram
Repeatability of ±0.01%
25 - 60 ppm capability*
  *Dependent on part delivery mode
   and physical nature of the product.

• AWSI-Z2 Air Sorting
Safe, clean sorting of parts
No mechanical parts to maintain
Requires 80 - 100 psi DRY air

• AWSI-v700-SC Setpoint Controller
Statistical Reporting Capability
Feedback Control via RS-232 or RS-485

The AWSI-v700-SC-202-Z2 Two Class Checkweigh Air Sorting System is fast becoming the industry standard where accuracy and trouble-free operation are needed. With either customer control of part or by use of the optional AWS-A3 short conveyor to control delivery and orientation of the part to the system, the AWSI-v700-SC-202-Z2 will deliver years of trouble-free service in any application.

The operation of the system is simple and straightforward. The part is delivered to the system, weighed, and if Correct is moved off the scale with a short blast of air onto the customer provided equipment for further processing. If the AWSI-v700-SC Setpoint Controller determines the part is outside the pre-selected acceptable limits, a blast of air moves it into the customer provided reject hopper.

Depending upon the size of the part, the closeness of the setpoints, and how the part is delivered to the weighing platform, up to 80 parts per minute is possible with the high level of accuracy for which Advance Weight Systems, Inc. is famous.

The AWSI-v700-SC Setpoint Controller not only operates the various components, but also provides, in a single unit, statistical gathering & reporting with RS-232 or RS-485 serial interface to the customer's production control equipment or computer.

Available in several mounting configurations, these systems will fit into many manufacturing environments.

Conveyor Fed Air-Sort

We were sorting an irregular shaped part of 30 grams and sorting it to a zone edge tolerance of 0.01 grams. We were able to sort at 30 pieces per minute. The factors that control the rate of sorting are first what accuracy is needed, what the shape of the part is, how it is feed, and how much volume of air is needed to move its particular shape.

Vibratory Conveyor Fed Air-Sort

In this application, we were looking for a 0.05 gram difference and were sorting to 55 pieces per minute. We were also counting the good pieces into hoppers to place the pieces into boxes. The count could be set from (1) to (5000) in this application.

Hand Fed Air-Sort

We are demonstrating that if the shape of the part, and the part feed mechanism were able to move the part quicly, we could reach speeds approaching 80 pieces per minute with a zone edge tolerance of 0.05 grams for a 10 gram part!

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