Die-Guard Checkweigher


Advance Weight Systems, Inc. patented system for assuring that dies used in molding and casting operations have been cleared of all parts before the next cycle begins. This assures that no parts or small pieces of the shot remain which could cause irreparable damage to the expensive die.


The heart of the Die Guard Checkweigher is the extremely versatile Advance 200 Weigh Cell. With its exclusive adjustable damper and counterbalancing, it provides highly accurate results while greatly reducing sensitivity to external vibration.

Control is handled by the AWSI-485-SC Setpoint Controller.  Ease of set-up and unmatched reliability in operation make this unit the standard control unit for all our systems. If a machine is used to produce several different parts, the Setpoint Controller's ability to store 99 different parts and their setpoints means changeover is accomplished in a matter of seconds. The capability to compile statistics of the operation of that particular machine is an added benefit unavailable with other control units.

The automatic dump hopper is mounted on the weigh cell which in turn is mounted on a welded steel three-legged frame. This unique configuration allows the Die Guard Checkweigher to be installed in virtually any production environment.


When the die opens to eject the part(s), they fall onto the automatic dump hopper mounted on the Advance 200 Weigh Cell.  Taking less than a second to weigh the ejected product, the Die Guard Checkweigher determines whether or not it is within the preselected weight range.

If the weight of product on the scale is correct, the Setpoint Controller sends a signal that empties the dump hopper and a simultaneous signal that allows the molding or casting machine to begin a new cycle.

If the weight of the product on the scale is incorrect, there is no signal sent and the die cannot reclose. A indication (usually a horn or light) is initiated that tells the operator that the system has stopped because the die needs to be cleared. Once the operator clears the die, a reset button is pushed and the machinery begins a new cycle.


The advantages are obvious. Since the operation proceeds unimpeded as long as all product is ejected from the die, there is no interruption of the production process there is no need to have an operator visually inspect the die between cycles. A single operator can monitor several machines at once, or perform other duties while the Die Guard Checkweigher assures total product clearing from the die.

Checkweighing does add time to the production process. Experience has shown that the weigh and dump operations on the Die Guard Checkweigher add about two to four seconds to the cycle time, depending on settling time of the product on the scale.

This slight loss in productivity is minimal compared to the costs for repairing or replacing expensive dies.

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