Miscillanious Items Not Otherwise Covered

As the name implies, this page is for those items, products, or services, not covered in any other catagory.

This page will remain a work in process as we add items, products, or services not specific to the other pages.

Damper Fluid:

Advance Weight Systems, Inc. has Xiameter PMX 200 Sil Fluid© (old name ~ Dow Corning 200 Fluid©), in small, convenient sizes for all of it's customers in any viscosity, from 5 cs to 60,000 cs.

Contract Weighing:

Let ADVANCE WEIGHT SYSTEMS, INC. weigh your product for you. We weigh your products either manually or by semi-automated methods.

Feasability Study:

Advance Weight Systems, Inc. can conduct a feasibility study of your project, or parts to be weighed. Usually, this can be done at no cost to the customer as it only requires looking at a group of parts or units in the proposed check-weigh scheme. We can determine if it can be done and with what certainty.

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