The ADVANCE WEIGHT SYSTEMS, INC. line of Manual Weight systems - with the exception of our simple scales all involve Moment Weighing. A technology with which ADVANCE WEIGHT SYSTEMS, INC. is a recognized expert.

Unlike some Moment Weighing systems that claim a level of accuracy that can only be attained by slow and meticulous counterbalance weighing of each individual piece; our systems are designed to perform in a "real world" production environment. A production environment where accuracy and part throughput are equally important. Accuracy that exceeds all manufacturer's requirements, but still allows for meeting the operational production goals of the process.

AWSI-21-200 Connecting Rod Scales

Used by all major automotive and major large engine OEM's. Durability and reliability have made these scales the standard against which all others are judged.

AWSI-800 Series Turbine Blade Moment Balance

This system has been proven in all phases of blade and engine operations. From blade manufacture, to engine assembly, to engine maintenance and overhaul; the ADVANCE WEIGHT SYSTEMS, INC. Turbine Blade Moment Balance is a highly regarded production tool.

AWSI-TW2 and AWSI-BB4 Bowling Ball Balance

The AWSI Bowling Ball Scales set the standard for all bowling ball scales. They are fast, accurate, and rugged. There are two models, the AWSI-TW2, with a top weight accuracy of 0.1 ounce, and the AWSI-BB4 with a top weight accuracy of 0.01 ounce.

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