Billet Sorting System

•  Input Queue

-Receives the part from the customer's equipment
  one at a time, end to end.
-Guides the part to the escapement one at a time.

•  Positive Escapement

-Takes control of the part.
-Releases one at a time to the Scale.
-Releases only when Scale is clear.
-A no-pinch-point approach.

•  AWSI-204 ADVANCE Weigh Cell

-Full Scale Range of 1000 grams
-Accuracy of ±0.2 gram
-Repeatability of ±0.01%
-45 ppm capability

•  Scale Mounted Gated Hopper

-Holds part during weighment.
-Releases part to sorting after weighment.
-Totally counter-weighted to add nothing to the weighment.

•  3 Class Passive Sorting Gates

-Safe, clean sorting of parts
-Few mechanical parts to maintain
-Requires 80 - 100 psi DRY air

•  AWSI-v700-SC Setpoint Controller

-Weighs and Classifies Part.
-Determines condition, over-under-correct.
-Actuates Scale hopper release.
-Actuates sorting gates.
-Menu driven calibration.
-Statistical Reporting Capability

•  Programmable Controller

-Controls the "feed-through" of the part.
-Zeros the Scale every 5 minutes to maintain total accuracy.

•  Calibration Weights

-Each system ships with a set of calibration weights.
-The weight set is certified to NIST standards.

The AWSI-v700-SC-3CW-204-H2 Three Class Checkweigh with Gate Sorting System is fast becoming the industry standard where accuracy and trouble free operation are needed. The check weigh system will deliver years of trouble free service in any application.

The operation of the system is simple and straightforward. The part is delivered to the system via the queue, end to end. it is then stopped by the escapement that releases it to the scale where it is weighed, and is released from the scale via the scale hopper. If the AWSI-v700-SC Setpoint Controller determines the part is outside the pre-selected acceptable limits, it is sorted to either the over or under section using sorting gates. If it is good, it moves straight through the sorting section into a customer provided container.

Depending upon the size of the part and the closeness of the setpoints, up to 45 parts per minute are possible with the high level of accuracy for which ADVANCE WEIGHT SYSTEMS, INC. is famous.

The AWSI-v700-SC Setpoint Controller not only operates the various components, but also provides, in a single unit, statistical gathering & reporting and RS-232 or RS-485 serial interface to the customer's production control equipment or computer.

Available in several mounting configurations, these systems will fit into any manufacturing environment.

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